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‘My aim is to keep developing new surgical approaches that will improve the safety and therefore the outcome of my patients.’

Since the turn of last Century laparoscopic or ‘keyhole’ surgery has literally revolutionised the way abdominal surgery is performed today and enhanced patient surgical care.

Even though laparoscopy is now generally regarded as safe, implementation of any new surgical technique may still carry certain risks.The concept of ‘Safe Surgery’ comes from a strong desire to improve and maintain patient safety in surgery, which is of paramount importance, similar to the civil aviation safety regulations. Likewise, guidelines for Safe Surgery have been strongly supported and developed by the World Health Organization.

World Health Organization – Why Safe Surgery Is Important

Prof Berney is very involved with new medical developments and surgical techniques thus his patients can benefit from these in his practice whenever possible.

As well as advanced laparoscopic surgery, Prof Berney performs gastric banding surgery for control of obesity, endocrine surgery (thyroid gland, parathyroid gland) and endoscopic procedures such as gastroscopies and colonoscopies.